Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is Pay N Seconds?
      Pay N Seconds is a third party bill payment service that allows consumers to submit payment to merchants verbally and electronically.
    2. Why is Pay N Seconds appearing on my bank statement?
      This is the service fee that you previously agreed to with a Pay N Seconds merchant.
    3. How do I make a payment with Pay N Seconds?
      Please contact the merchant you would like to pay to see which Pay N Seconds services they offer. Payments can be submitted over the phone, via online, in person or through text messages.
    4. How do I know my information is secure?
      Our servers are constantly monitored and have the highest security measures in the industry. Pay N Seconds is fully compliant with PCI-DSS requirements.
    5. What bills can I pay with Pay N Seconds?
      Pay N Seconds accepts payments for any business that is enrolled in our network. If the business you would like to pay is not enrolled with Pay N Seconds, please have them Contact Us or you can send us a request to contact them.
    6. What types of payments are accepted?
      Visa, MasterCard or Discover Cards and ACH (eCheck) payments. Businesses in the Pay N Seconds Network have the option to accept all or some payment types. When submitting a payment, the available payment types are clearly displayed.
    7. Is there a fee to make a payment with this service?
      Yes. Pay N Seconds charges a small service fee for each payment made through this service. The amount that you are paying including the service fee will be disclosed to you prior to submitting your payment.
    8. Are there ways I can pay that do not require paying a fee to Pay N Seconds?
      Yes. All Pay N Seconds merchants provide alternate payment methods that do not require paying a fee to Pay N Seconds. Please contact your merchant you would like to pay for those options.
    9. Who do I contact if there is a problem submitting a payment with Pay N Seconds?
      If you are experiencing issues that are preventing you from using Pay N Seconds, please let us know by completing the Contact Us form.
    10. Can a relative or someone else make a payment on my behalf?
      Yes. Just provide them with the customer number that was provided by your merchant. That way when the payment is submitted, the merchant will know who to match the payment with.
    11. Who should I contact if my payment was not authorized or declined?
      If your payment was declined, please contact your bank first as they can provide the specific reason for the declined payment.
    12. Can I make a partial payment or pay an amount less than the amount due?
      Yes. However, if you have made previous arrangements, please pay the amount agreed upon. You may be subject to additional late fees and penalties assessed by the merchant receiving the payment.
    13. What is the benefit to paying my bills with Pay N Seconds?
      Pay N Seconds is open 24/7. As an always open service, we save you time and may even help you avoid late payment penalties.
    14. Can I cancel a payment once it is completed?
      No. All transactions are electronic and we are unable to stop them.
    15. If I pay more than the amount owed on my bill, who do I contact to reconcile my account?
      You should contact the merchant that you paid to resolve this issue. Any refunds or credits will be handled by the merchant you have paid.
    16. Are there any payment minimum or maximums? Can I pay more or less that what I owe?
      Yes. Many merchants have unique limits on payment amounts. If one of these limits is met, you will have the opportunity to adjust your payment within the merchant’s limits prior to submission.
    17. What is my account balance?
      If your account balance or payment amount does not display when you pay online, you must contact the merchant for this information.
    18. When will my payment be received?
      Once you submit a payment, you will receive an email confirmation that your payment submission was successful. Each merchant has the option to receive email notifications at the time a payment is submitted. The merchant receiving the payment ultimately determines when your payment is applied. As a safeguard, Pay N Seconds recommends anticipating the payment to be applied in one to three business days.